Risk Disclosure Agreement

I. Purpose of the Agreement
Party A commissions Party B to evaluate the commodities provided by Party A and to receive the corresponding
 remuneration after completing the simulated trading.

II. Commodity Information
Commodity name: randomly provided
Commodity description: all daily necessities in Tiktok Mall
Transaction amount: according to Party B's ability to choose freely

Transaction method: simulated purchase of specified goods
Transaction quantity: 6 groups of tasks per day, each group of tasks randomly 5-15 orders
Transaction rules: complete all orders within a specified time period

Settlement rules: real-time settlement [completion of all orders in the current task group].Third, the evaluation requirements
The review should include, but not limited to, a detailed description of the appearance of the commodity, function, experience, advantages and disadvantages. [AI auto-complete
The review should be accompanied by high-definition pictures or videos to show the actual effect of the goods. [AI completed].

The review article should be no less than [specified word count] words. [AI completed].
Simulate the real transaction and pay on time

IV. Evaluation Time
Party B shall complete the payment within one hour of receiving the order.
Party B shall notify Party A after completing the order and provide relevant links or screenshots as proof.
Losses caused by the delay of Party B's order shall be borne by Party B. As well as the impact on the merchant's reputation, the mall will transfer all your information to the company's legal department, including chat records, personal information data. Through the legal department will sue you, you need to pay the merchant's loss of brain, need to bear the legal responsibility, the consequences of their own!

V. Remuneration and Payment
Party A agrees to pay Party B remuneration for the evaluation.
The payment method is [specify payment method], and Party A shall complete the payment within [specify number of days] days after the release of the evaluation.
If Party B fails to complete the evaluation or release as required, Party A has the right to refuse to pay the remuneration.

VI. Handling of goods
After the completion of the review, the goods belong to Party A and receive payment and commission.

Party B shall not disclose Party A's commercial secrets or undisclosed commodity information.
Party B shall not invite people who have not been officially invited to participate
Both parties in the process of co-operation known to the other party's information should be kept strictly confidential and shall not be used for purposes other than this agreement.

VIII. Termination of Agreement
If one party violates the terms of this agreement, the other party has the right to terminate this agreement. After the termination of the agreement, both parties shall settle the relevant fees in a timely manner.

IX. Other Terms
We reserve the right to interpret any matters not covered in this agreement.